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25 November 2009 @ 10:50 am
T-Minus 7 days and counting..............  
So the '30' is almost upon me.. been pondering things recently. You know all those 'things i want to do before i am 30' ...things i havent done. Where my life is going and what i have done in the last ten years, lessons learnt, or not learnt in the majority of cases.
Have wacked this under a cut as i am sure most people dont want to read my petty ramblings...


Relationships - i dont think i have found myself a decent and structured relationship in any of it. What can you do if you dont think you have ever been loved? There was the playing around i did at uni to try and make myself feel better, which didnt, it just ended all horribly. There was Mark... not a lot to say about that titwad apart from 5 years of my life wasted in a controlling and verbally abusive atmosphere... and now there is Johnny... i chased for so long, got it, and now i dont think i want it anymore. I need a mature relationship now with a future and plans, travel and love... havent got any of this.. i am looking after a child.. i may aswell be his mother. I want a nice house with pretty things, not the dishevlled shithole we live in at the moment. Sometimes i think i should have stayed in Cornwall, at least it was pretty there... different surroundings, same old shit. You would have thought over 10 years i would have realised the grass is not greener :/

Family - just the same as it has always been.. my mother is a fuck, my stepdad basically disowned me after 16 years of knowing me when they got a divorce. My sister now has *almost* two children (how the fuck did this happen... i remember pulling her off the window when she was 12 at christmas and had managed to get herself drunk and wanted to sleep on the roof... no fault of anyone other than her stealing the Baileys and hiding upstairs for 2 hours with it)... Bless her, my lovely Nephew and one in utero.. cant wait to see her at christmas *loves*. My Nan and Grandad who are thankfully both still with us, i love them with all my soul. Mother got remarried to a guy younger than me and this has fucked up al the dynamics everywhere.. but well thats life
Work - Been sitting on my laurels.. seemed liked a nice place to sit. About time i took more responsibility and progressed further. Gone really are the days i need 9-5 monday to friday to get my weekends. I get it now that extra time means extra pay and reponsibility. So shall be applying up the chain now. Need to get away from the customer service industry though because really, i dont deal with customers or the public very well. I have little tolerance for stupid people, and this just brings them to my doorstep.. i dont need to teach people to suck eggs, i tend to throw them, which never gets me very far.

Money - good lord i need to start saving / get myself a pension. I havent got either at the moment which disturbs me. Can gaurentee by the time i am 65 there wont be a pension service. I would like a back up fund aswell should i need to buy things or sort things out. I have never been very good with money, so maybe i need to get this all in perspective.. maybe see a financial advisor, get an ISA, i dunno :/ Dont have any debt which is good though :)

Tings i havent done - By the time i saw myself at 30 i thought i would have so many more things in my life..i thought i would have a mortgage, a decent career, have travelled to the places i wanted, had the dog and it all. So i havent really done any of those... have 4 cats which isnt exactly the same :( I havent skydived, or seen the Grand Canyon, gone to Vegas or seen a space shuttle launch.. so many things on this list... damnit
| [ . they call me the omelette dreamer . ] |omlettedreamer on January 12th, 2010 08:59 pm (UTC)
hey, i know this is random but i saw your post on tsuk about the oreos...i've been looking online everywhere and i can't find them at all, is there any chance you could pick me up a box?? it's driving me nuts now haha. it's totally okay if not like, but i could give you a fiver or summat, lemme know :)
sybafairysybafairy on January 12th, 2010 10:26 pm (UTC)
Sorry i have had loads of messages.. it was a one time thing only because that girl actually posted and i like to help.. like i said i am not packing anymore or anything.. really dont have time and to be brutally honest i cant be arsed.
I have had like 10 inbox messages and quite frankly to say yes to one would be rude to the others so i am saying no to everyone
| [ . they call me the omelette dreamer . ] |omlettedreamer on January 12th, 2010 11:38 pm (UTC)
ah i didn't know everyone would hound you like that, thanks anyway :)
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