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17 September 2009 @ 10:50 pm
In a world of ineptitude!  
Pretty much a ranty vent post this so feel free to pass it by ;)

1) Fucking working tax credits.... good god i hate these bastards.. said they posted the letter i need to send to the JSA on Friday last week.. utterly refuse to accept that it hasnt arrived and therefore wont reissue yet. I NEED this letter guys... i have been signed on for 5 weeks, have no money, am not recieving money from you at WTC and not recieving money from JSA due to your ineptitude.. get it the fuck together this is peoples lives you are messing with!!

2) Havent sorted Housing Benefit out because of above said arseholes not sorting themselves out. What is the point of having to resubmit everything to Housing Benefit when i get a new JSA letter? get it together government retards or i may start a single handed revolution involving petrol doused tomato bombs.. and cats strapped with C4..

3) Expensive shoes i bought from eBay labelled a size 6 apparently.. sent to me.. size 5 what a shocker.. can people not read shoe size labels.. it said size 6 '5'times in said auction.. ??? Said seller now not responding.. funny that

4) New bunch of cockends moved in next door who apparently can only exist when the house is full of screaming 17 year old girls.. or who feel the need to play PS3 or Xbox at 5am, blasting grenades off, waking me up thinking it is the apocalypse.. oh you will be sorry

5) What the merry c*nt is going on with the mail?? It is taking 7 working days to get first class to me atm.. and 4 days this week we didnt even have post, just a lump this morning dated from back last week! No strikes in Leicester, just bone idle posties.. saw one peeing down next doors alleyway the other day.. would have said something if the issues above werent prevalant *snigger*

6) I am going to make some new funky spearmint, baby blue and white roving to cheer myself up.. so that be that

7) The boy is ok and not pissing me off currently.. minor miracles have been known to happen and he bought me a magnum.. +1 the Boy